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Exceptional and rare copper coffee reserve very finely worked with various patterns.
Opening from above, interior lined with metal (a few wear holes in the metal).
Two lion-headed bronze handles holding a ring allowing the assembly to be moved.
On the front face is affixed a large finely chiseled bronze medallion with in its center a porcelain plate with the inscription:
"JAVA FINE BLENDS N°1". Below, a removable brass dispenser and a little lower the large dispenser, also in brass.
This coffee reserve is placed on 3 bronze feet decorated with lion's paws, lion's head surmounted by a shell.
Good condition for this rare piece, small dents and a few spots of verdigris.

Height 100cm
Width 51cm

Possibility of sending with our carrier on estimate only (price varies according to destination) do not hesitate to consult us to know the price of sending.

Copper Coffee Reserve - Circa 1800

SKU: 2883
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