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Superb and large Russian lacquered box illustrated and signed on the top by a representation of a poem by Pushkin the siren "ROUSSALKA".
It was carried out at the beginning of the 20th century in the village of MSTIORA.
Dimensions: H 11 cm L 50 cm l 35 cm
Good general condition, small heaving on the top.
Claws below the box
See photos.
Careful shipping and tracking
The village of Mstiora is located about 100 km from the city of Vladimir, on the bank of the Kliazma. Mstiora was known to be a center for the creation of icons, in the tradition of the Vladimir-Suzdal school. It is also reported that after the schism of 1655 many inhabitants remained faithful to the Old Faith and continued to make icons according to ancient traditions. With the advent of modern reproduction techniques, icon production became industrialized and icon painting became rarer. In 1920, artists came together and mobilized to continue to put into practice the know-how of the masters of Mstiora. They work by decorating objects in wood or tin, or even hangings in oil paint. In 1931, five artists, members of a new group, the proletarian Artel, began to produce lacquer miniatures on papier-mâché supports. In 1937, like their colleagues from Palekh, they were honored with prizes and medals at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. Today, other artists continue to carry on this tradition in Mstiora.

Russia - Large Lacquered Box - Early 20th Century

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