Beautiful bronze sculpture representing KALI, She is the mother of life, but also of death. This element of divinity was so important that all the Shakti (of Shiva, of Vishnu, etc.) eventually gained an independence which made them perceive them as goddesses in their own right; they grouped together under the generic name of Adi-Shakti, the “primordial Shakti”, which introduces to the whole tradition of the Divine Mother, which has remained so strong in India.

She is represented naked, with a fierce gaze and her tongue out, wearing a long necklace, sometimes going down to her knees, made up of human skulls, dancing on the body of Shiva, who in a corpse position claims her indulgence, lying on her back.
She often wears a loincloth made of severed arms, holds a decapitated head in one hand, a sword, the power of destruction, in the other. The Bhadrakali form has several pairs of arms, representing the cardinal points. Its cult is especially developed in Bengal, which inspired many poets singing their devotion to their goddess, such Ramprasad Sen.
For the devotee, she is clothed in the universe, she is the image of a protective mother, and the skulls on her necklace represent the 51 letters of Sanskrit.
Beautiful condition and beautiful 20th century patina.

Dimensions 32 x 22 cm

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Kali - India - Bronze Sculpture - India - XXth

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