France - Dieppe
Beautiful living Christ with the crown of thorns, in finely carved ivory, his eyes raised to the sky, his mouth open revealing his teeth and tongue.
Long curly hair falling over the shoulders.
Perizonium retained by a cord and falling on the right hip, legs parallel.
Beautiful Christ with a beautiful provenance (Parisian Abbey).
Note for the condition: old restoration on the right hand, index finger on the left hand and old drilling on the feet.
This christ will be sent with its presentation base specially made for it to measure.

Dimensions and weight:

- Total height 30 cm
- Height head feet 28 cm
- Hand to hand width 21 cm
- Thickness 3.5 cm
Net weight 371 gr


A certificate will be issued to the purchaser.
ICITES Declaration N ° FR2105900262-D

Christ with the Crown of Thorns - Carved Ivory - Circa 1800

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